São Roque Church



The legendary Saint Roch Church is situated in the typical Bairro Alto old quarter, in the heart of the historical centre of cosmopolitan Lisboa.

The Church construction started in 1506, next to a cemetery where the black plague victims were buried, situated outside the city walls and dedicated to Saint Roch, the protector of those infected with the plague.
Here is established the Saint Roch Fraternity and already in 1553 here is installed the Society of Jesus that builds over the previous construction the building visible nowadays, maintaining a chapel on the inside consecrated to Saint Roch.
In 1768 the Society of Jesus is expelled of Portuguese territory and the Saint Roch Church relinquished to the Lisboa Misericórdia. Nowadays the assets are in exhibition on the Saint Roch Religious Art Museum, by the side of the Church.

This Church, according to the Society of Jesus architectonic convention, presents a sober façade and a spacious and rich interior, composed by eight chapels, in groups of four, profusely decorated in golden carved wood and marble.

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