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 Church of Saint James of Valadares

Built in the late 13th century, perhaps on a previous building of which the ashlar [stone] headed with the date of the Era 1226 (the year 1188) bears witness, the Church consecrated to the Apostle Saint James, the Greater, has a single nave and quadrangular chancel, which is narrower and lower. The façade is topped by a bell tower and the portal features a slightly broken exterior archivolt. The south side portal is of similar design. On the north side, the early corbels of the Church stand out, while featuring a decoration typical of the Romanesque of the Tâmega and Sousa. The interior, entirely redefined by Baroque interventions, features the traditional scenography of gilding, which joins the painting in the vaulted ceiling of the nave and the work in the chancel. Here lies one of the most original findings of art historiography: a set of mural paintings featuring hagiographic scenes [the life of the saints] and from the life of Christ. These 15th-century paintings were most probably commissioned by one of the abbots of this Church, D. João Camelo de Sousa.

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