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The Church and Monastery of São Vicente de Fora are situated in the lovely old part of Lisboa, considered to be one of the historical monuments of the Portuguese capital, honouring the Patron Saint of the town since 1173: Saint Vincent.

The origins of the Monastery are quite ancient: it is said that here camped the D. Afonso Henriques (the first king of Portugal) Christian troops in 1147, when Lisboa was conquered from the Moors, yet the present building was constructed between 1582 and 1629 by the architectonic plan of the renowned Filippo Terzi.

The Church’s façade is attributed to Baltazar Alvares, and presents a Mannerist austere style, with Italian influence yet adapted to Portuguese style, flanked by towers and containing the images of Saint Augustine, Saint Sebastian and Saint Vincent.
This architectonic model was for many years the basis of the façades of the temples built in the Portuguese colonies in Africa, India, Macau or Brazil.

The Church’s interior presents one only nave covered by a famous vault, housing the biggest pipe organ of Lisboa, dated from 1765.
The cloisters and some rooms of the Monastery are covered with interesting glazed tiles white and blue panels, with scenes of the La Fontaine fables.
This heritage set also houses the Casa de Bragança Pantheon since 1885, where are sepulchred some kings and monarch personalities of the Bragança Dynasty.

The Cloisters and the Church are opened to the public.



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