Vera Cruz de Marmelar Church



The foundation origins of the Vera Cruz de Marmelar Church-Monastery are quite ancient, once the contemporary temple would have been built over previous constructions.
The Vera Cruz locality, previously designated as Marmelar is a quite ancient and historical locality, and this monument has accompanied the locality steps over the centuries.
According to several researches a previous Visigoth temple or Mozarab would have been built before the contemporary construction, whose vestiges are still visible nowadays. In 1240 the knights of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta founded the village and supposedly adjusted the Christian monument to a Monastery.
The structure of the temple that arrived up into nowadays dates basically from the Gothic Period, although the monument had some restoration and maintenance works, notably in the 17th century.
The Vera Cruz de Marmelar Church also got its place in history for housing an important relic: a peace of the cross in which allegedly Jesus Christ was crucified in.

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