Church of the São Domingos Convent ( Elvas )



Located on the historical centre of the emblematic town of Elvas, this Church was parto f the lovely São Domingos Convent, founded in 1267 in the place where before was situated the Nossa Senhora dos Mártires Chapel.

Nowadays the Convent is used as a military installation and also here is located the very interesting Elvas National Military Museum.
This Convent was built after the second conquest of the town to the Moors, in order to consolidate and organize the Christian Faith in a town that by then had such a strong Muslim tradition. This task was then delivered to the Dominicans Friars.

The Church presents a façade with a Mannerist structure decorated with several Baroque elements, and a sober interior with three wide naves, a transept, main chapel, polygonal apse, and also a bell tower and sacristy, among other dependencies.

The Temple presents a rich interior with marble Baroque, 18th century glazed tiles altarpieces with Saint Dominic´s life scenes, some of them are nowadays in exhibition in the Elvas Municipal Museum.




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