São Francisco Church



The lovely São Francisco Church and Convent is located in the wonderful historical centre of the beautiful Horta town, on the Faial Island, Azores Archipelago, housing nowadays the Religious Art Museum, on the annexe Senhor dos Passos Chapel.

Founded in 1522, the São Francisco Convent was quite destroyed with the big fire set by Privateers in 1597, which led to its reconstruction afterwards.
It was in the end of the 17th century, in 1696, that the actual temple, after other storms and catastrophes, gets its renovation works, in this location, on a Mannerist style and several Baroque elements, namely in the temple’s interior.
Even so, a major part of the Convent got destroyed with a violent fire in 1899, leaving undamaged only the Church.

The São Francisco Church is characterized by its three naves and tower bell on the left side, with the façade organized in four levels.
Its interior houses a rich collection, with golden carved wood and 17th century glazed tiles, as also imposing Images and Paintings.

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