São Miguel Arcanjo Church

Vila Franca do Campo - Vila Franca do Campo


The lovely Mother Church of São Miguel Arcanjo is situated in the lovely village of Vila Franca do Campo, in the wonderful São Miguel Island, on the Azores Archipelago.

Vila Franca do Campo was once the first capital of the island, and a very important town, yet with the big earthquake of 1522 the town was greatly destroyed, loosing much of its importance. The primitive temple’s construction was ordered by Henry the Navigator still in the 15th century, yet it was also quite destroyed by the great catastrophe.

Rebuilt after the earthquake, the Temple maintains its architectonic style of the late Romanesque Churches, presenting three naves and a bell tower built with the typical material of the region: basalt. The church also has the most ancient bell in the Island.
The Temple’s interior presents lovely glazed tiles decoration, and also golden carved wood, baptismal fonts with carved basalt and an interesting high relief altarpiece.
Every year, during summer time, takes place the famous São Miguel Arcanjo Procession, assembling many visitors and believers, in an act of great tradition in the village.

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