Terceira Island

Angra do Heroísmo


Located on the central group of the wonderful Azores Archipelago, with an area of about 402,2 km2 (in 29 km length and 18 km width), with an interesting elliptic shape, the beautiful Terceira Island is the third larges island of the group and also, according to historical researches, the Third (which in Portuguese means “Terceira”) to be officially discovered, with the charming capital on te gorgeous Angra do Heroísmo.

The Azores Archipelago is divided into three groups: the Eastern Group with, Santa Maria and São Miguel and the Formigas Islets; the Central Group with, Terceira, Graciosa, São Jorge, Pico and Faial; the Western group with, Flores and Corvo. With the exception of the Santa Maria Island, all the others have volcanic origin.
The discovery dates of the Azores Archipelago are unknown, with several historical researches affirming that some of the island were already referred in Genovese maps since 1351, yet it was only from 1431 onwards that the colonization started in these Islands.

Since its discovery that the Terceira Island has had an important role, due to its strategic geographic location, a stopover spot for all the embarkations from the Portuguese Discoveries period.
The highest peak of the Island is situated on the Santa Bárbara Mountain at about 1022 meters high, and from here one has a lovely panorama over this fantastic Island, surrounded by the profound Atlantic Ocean, filled with dense vegetation, picturesque villages and a nature that delights those who contemplate it.

Highlights such as the Cume Mountain volcano, the Ponta dos Mistérios, the Algar and Carvão Grottos, the Negro Lake, the Caldeira Guilherme Moniz, the Furnas, among many other places of great natural beauty can be found is this amazing Island.
The Island has been able to maintain its traditions alive, subsisting still nowadays from activities such as agriculture, cattle breeding, and the advantage taken from the maritime goods, such as seaweeds, but also has been taking advantage of the new communication and transportation means that provide a new modernism to the Island, such as the Lages International Airport.
Quite famous and appreciated are the charming Festivities of the Holy Spirit, every year in May, that are a perfect example of the strong tradition that has been maintain in this Island, and also the typical Bull races. In what concerns to Gastronomy, Terceira is famous for the fish and meat “Alcatras”, the Holy Spirit spiced soups and the freshest sea and shellfish, as well as the much appreciated desserts and pastries, and of course, the wines and liquors, presented in the very interesting Wine Museum.

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