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Situated in between the magnificent Mafra National Palace and the Mafra Tapada, with a typical Baroque Style, the Jardim do Cerco was created by king D. João the 5th in 1718.
This fabulous garden is constituted by two different parts: the Botanical Garden, with a lovely pond, and the Woods, with hunting purposes.
Jardim do Cerco has free admission in this magical space, of an idyllic baroque universe, of kings and princes, with wonderful waterfalls and games, through tall trees: the perfect garden for the majestic work of art that the Mafra National Palace is.
Right up until the extinction of the religious orders, in 1834, the Jardim do Cerco was utilized by the monastic orders that lived in the Convent, and after that date started to belong exclusively to the Royal Family (both this garden, the Palace and the Tapada) right until the declaration of the Portuguese Republic. Nowadays the Palace belongs to the Municipal Borough of Mafra and is opened to all that wish to attend this beautiful space.
In the Garden it is also possible to use the Children’s park and the snack park.

Closed on the 3rd Sunday each month.

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