Duque da Terceira Garden

Angra do Heroísmo


Founded in 1882 the Duque de Terceira Garden is a pleasant green area in the heart of the amazing Angra do Heroísmo town, classified as World Heritage by UNESCO, on the wonderful Terceira Island, Azores Archipelago.

Central town in the Portuguese Discoveries Era and its commercial routes, due to its important Maritime port, in this Garden are present several exotic species brought from the “new world”, making of this an almost Botanical Garden.

The Garden is divided in platforms, decorated with lava stones, reminding of the volcanic origins of the Island, contrasting its dark colours with the luminosity and vivacity of the tropical plants that flourish here.
On the top is the “Alto da Memória”, where one has an excellent panorama over the gorgeous Angra do Heroísmo town.

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