Monte Palace Tropical Garden

Ilha da Madeira, Funchal Monte - Funchal


Situated in a place of great natural beauty, towering above the charming Funchal city centre, next to the amazing Monte, the Monte Palace Tropical Garden is an unique place, of great cultural, artistic, botanic and landscape interest, housing besides the luxuriant Oriental Garde, an interesting and rich Museum and a conservation workshop, belonging to the Berardo Foundation.

The propriety was bought in the 18th century by the English Charles Murray that transformed it into a beautiful and elegant estate: the “Quinta do Prazer”. Later, new owners transform the estate into a luxury hotel, the Monte Palace Hotel, as it was situated in one of the Madeira’s noble areas.
Already in1987 the property is closed and passes into the Berardo Foundation hands, that since then has been renovating the space, with a new and different artistic, exotic and cultural approach, that make of this a very special place.

The Oriental Garden houses several species from all over the world, with about 100.000 vegetable species, a special preoccupation with the rich Madeira flora and the important cycad (encephalartos), considered to be alive fossils. This garden approaches not only the oriental species and lifestyle, but also the long oriental relationship with Portugal. Example of that are the many decorative elements, or the much appreciated Koi fish, present in all the ponds and water courses in the garden.
The Garden also has several delightful water courses and diverse works of art, sculpture, important glazed tiles panels, among other forms of artistic expression that are quite worth being appreciated.

The Monte Palace Museum houses three galleries, two destined to the most diversified sculpture works, named “Paixão Africana” (African Passion), with over 1000 sculptures distributed in two floors; and another rich collection of minerals from all over the world, named as “Segredos da Mãe Natureza” (Mother Nature Secrets).

The Monte Palace Tropical Garden also offers the services of a cafeteria, with the opportunity to make a wine taste of the famous Madeira Wine, and also a shop.

This is undoubtedly a privileged place in the heart of the Madeira Island, the “Atlantic Pearl”, from where one has astonishing panoramas, in the company of amazing works of art, which make of the Monte Palace Tropical Garden a place not to be missed!

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