Fogo Lake

Ribeira Grande


Situated on the wonderful and greenish São Miguel Island, on the charming Azores Archipelago, the Fogo (Fire) Lake is the second largest lake in the Island, and also the highest one, classified in 1974 as a Natural Reserve.

Occupying an area of 1360 hectares, on the cauldron of asleep volcano that was formed at about 15.000 years, forming the great volcanic Água de Pau Mountain range, the Fogo Lake charms for its natural beauty and amazing dimension, reaching the 30 meters depth.

It is worth knowing these wonderful natural landscapes and also the amazing cauldron, where the walls achieve 300 metres unevenness. There are several pedestrian itineraries, such as the “Lombadas Fogo Lake” where one can better observe the very interesting fauna and flora so characteristic of this geological phenomenon.

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