Lagoa do Negro Lake

Angra do Heroísmo


The lovely Lagoa do Negro Lake is located on the wonderful Terceira Island, Azores Archipelago, in a place filled with natural beauty.

This is a small dimensions lagoon, located on a place of great peace of mind and tranquillity, surrounded by elegant cryptomerias (evergreen trees) that provide an unique beauty.
From here one can see the lovely Santa Bárbara Mountain, that allows wonderful panoramas.

This lake is the result of the rain water accumulation and the flowing of the Picos Gordos slope, and also of the surrounding greenish fields, possessing a very interesting aquatic vegetation.

This idyllic and bucolic place has associated an ancient and romantic legend.

The Lagoa do Negro Lake legend….

It is said that a long time ago there was here a noble family, with many estates and slaves that work in it. Once, the noble’s daughter falls in love with one of the male slaves, even though she was promised to marry another noble, chosen by her father.
The girl and the slave decide to run away together to live free their love, yet their intention is discovered and chambermaid, that tell everything to her master.
The slave realises the danger and starts running away, hearing his persecutors on his chase. He runs through the beautiful valleys and hills of the Terceira Island, hoping that they would not find him. Nevertheless, hearing them getting closer, and tired of been on the run for two days, the slave despairs and starts to cry.
It is said that is tears rapidly multiply and originate in his front this beautiful lake. With the approximation of his persecutors, and feeling completely lost, the slave dives into the lake, and here dies drown.

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