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Located on the northeast side of the lovely Terceira Island, Azores Archipelago, the Lajes village is famous for housing the Lajes International Airport and the Lajes Air Base.

The toponym “Lajes” probable comes from the ancient stone-quarries where the typical “cantaria” (ashlar) that is still quite visible in many buildings, such as in the Chapels or in the traditional wells.
Lajes is a village of great agricultural tradition and a strong rurality, known for centuries as the “island’s barn” due to its big cereal production, that nevertheless has been diminishing throughout the years, giving place to the important Lajes Air Base, around which the village has developed.

The Lajes Air Base is an aeronautical structure that belongs to the Portuguese Air Force, occupying an area of about 10km2, created in 1941 during the 2nd Great War, due to its strategic location in the middle of the wide Atlantic Ocean.

Lajes is proud of its heritage, reflexion of its history through time, as it is visible in the São Miguel Arcanjo Parish Church dated from 1564, or in the Nossa Senhora do Ar Church and also in the several fountains that are visible throughout the region, showing off the best advantage of the water resources and the great rural feature of the village.

The Lajes Cauldron is one of the highlights of the region, also known for its vineyard production, due to the great land conditions that this type of soils and high level of humidity provide.

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