Lorvão is a small village nearby Penacova, in the Central region of the Country, situated in a deep valley in the Lorvão Mountain range, surrounded by greenish vegetation, in the right bank of the lovely Mondego river.

The set of mountain side houses go down the slope of this beautiful valley, filled with history. In fact, this region has vestiges of human occupancy since the Neolithic Period, and is proud of its Monastery, one of the most ancient in Europe.
The development of Lorvão was mostly made along with the Monastery development and agricultural skills and knowledge.

Lorvão has been able to keep throughout the centuries its strong traditions and costumes, right in the peaceful Lorvão mountain range, sheltered from the strong winds and harsh weather conditions.

Lorvão is also quite famous for its delicious conventual Sweets, original from this Monastery, with some Pastry shops nearby the monument. Also typical from Lorvão are the picturesque ornamental toothpicks with carved designs, initially created by the nuns to decorate cakes and sweets.

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