The town of Machico is situated on the eastern coast of the amazing Madeira Island, filled with natural beauty, in the place that is said to be the first where the Discoverers of the Island (João Gonçalves Zarco and Tristão Vaz) disembarked back in 1419.

Land of fertile soils, has been able to maintain its rural feature over the centuries, despite all the crescent urban and tourist area, Machico has been able to maintain its traditions and costumes alive. In fact, Machico was one of the main settlements in Madeira in the first colonization times, yet with the development of Funchal and other towns, Machico started loosing its importance and gaining a bigger rural and traditional feature.

Machico is proud of its lovely heritage, with monuments such as the Manueline Mother Church from the 15th century, the Milagres Chapel, re-built in 1815, the Casa da Capela or Solar da Ermida Manor House, the São Roque Fountain and the Nossa Senhora do Amparo and São João Baptista Forts, dated from the 17th century.

It is worth contemplating the lovely panoramas of this Island often named as the “Atlantic Pearl”, existing in the region several spots privileged for that contemplation, such as the Pico do Facho, Senhor dos Milagres or the Queimada Viewpoints.

Nearby is situated the Caniçal village that delights the visitor for its ancient history of whale fishing, immortalized nowadays in the very interesting Whale Museum.

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