The lovely Madalena village, once known as the “Islets place” due to the two Islets located in front of the town, is located on the extreme west of the lovely Pico Island, separated by 7km from the neighbour Faial Island and the lovely Horta town.

Madalena is a big producer of the famous Azores Wine, the Verdelho cast, that for several centuries influenced the populations lifestyle, due to this Island’s great climacteric conditions and the specifications of these volcanic soils, creating wonderful unique panoramas, classified by UNESCO as World Heritage, the Regional Interest Protected Landscape of the Culture of the Vineyard in Pico Island.
To better understand the wine importance in Madalena and in Pico Island, a visit to the interesting Wine Museum is mandatory.

In fact, Madalena was always a village dedicated to agriculture, to cattle breeding and to fishing, becoming an important communication point because of its wonderful location and of its Maritime Port, quite close to the Faial Island.
Throughout the region are still quite visible the important rural legacies of this agricultural lifestyle, such as instruments for water courses advantage, cellars, barns, wells, among many others.

The lovely 18th century Mother Church, the biggest temple in the Island, shows off the religious devotion of the populations and represents the highlight monument of the region, with other interesting points such as the lovely 18th century Town Hall building, as well as several Manor Houses that can be found throughout the region, revealing the economical importance of the agriculture, vineyards, cattle breeding, fishing and commerce through the centuries.

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