Malveira is a lovely rural village in the Mafra department, situated in the wide Lisboa region.

The village is located in a traditionally agricultural region, also known as “saloia”, with quite fertile soils and a lonh agricultural history, that for many years supplied the great Lisboa metropolis with the freshest products from the earth and the river, that also provide wonderful landscapes all around.

Malveira developed a lot due to the weekly Market every Thursday, taking place for centuries now, constituting even one of the biggest in the Country, bringing to the village a large number of visitors and buyers.

With the development of this market along with the development of the Lisboa’s metropolitan area, Malveira has been assisting a big urban evolution with new buildings, infrastructures and services, quite helped by the good network of roads and railway, nevertheless keeping its rural and agricultural environment.

Malveira presents monuments such as the lovely São Paulo Church, the Nossa Senhora dos Remédios and he Santo António da Carrasqueira Chapels and the seven Santa Maria Windmills that are the symbol of the village, three of them still in use, dating from the 18th century.

Malveira is also very famous for the “Trouxas da Malveira”, a very appreciated sweet, based in egg, sugar and cinnamon, created by a local maiden that lived many years in the Odivelas Convent and learned the secrets of the conventual pastry, opening years later a business in Malveira that is still very successful and appreciated.

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