Madorras Tumulus



The Madorras Tumulus presents a good conservation state and is located nearby the São Lourenço small village, in the lovely Sabrosa department, right in the heart of the Douro’s Wine region.

The tumulus dates from the Neolithic period. This would have been a monumental sepulchre, and up until the 1980’s it was buried, time when it was studied and archaeological researches were made, even though the monument was first discovered in 1912 by Albino dos Santos Pereira.

The archaeological excavations and researches concluded that the Madorras Tumulus was built between the Late Neolithic period and the Bronze Age, at about 5.000 years, by people that inhabited the region.

From this place one has astonishing panoramas over the region’s wonderful natural beauty, namely over the Marão and Alvão Mountain ranges.

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