Marco de Canaveses

Marco de Canaveses


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Marco de Canaveses is a lovely town situated in the Porto and Northern region of Portugal, in an area of great natural beauty, where the amazing Tâmega and Douro river flow, a place of fertile soils that produce tasty wines, vegetables and cereals.

The region denotes human occupancy vestiges since remote periods, with important archaeological vestiges from the Neolithic period, and also from the Roman occupancy period, with the Tongobriga villa vestiges.

This is an agricultural region, presenting a rich heritage, observable in the town’s historic centre where are located some interesting manor houses, symbol of the wealth produced by the fertile soils.
Marco de Canaveses is proud of its Santa Maria Church, of the Vinhal Tower, and of the lovely Town Hall typical building, that shows off perfectly the architecture of the region.

In Marco de Canaveses was born a Portuguese celebrity: Carmen Miranda, and here one can visit the museum dedicated to her.

Nearby are situated the famous Canaveses Thermal Complex, already used by the Romans because of the great attributes of its waters.



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