Marina da Península de Tróia



The Peninsula of Tróia's harbour is located north of the peninsula, facing the River Sado and occupying an area of about 2.7 ha. It´s main purpose is to provide docking and support for small yachts and cabin cruisers. The harbour has a capacity for 184 points for docking boats, distributed among five types of length, varying between 8 and 18 meters.

Its construction was the result of dredging and excavating a section of the coast of the peninsula of Tróia, between the current ferry wharf and the ruins of the old hovercrafts wharf. This harbour is one of the most visible and ambitious projects for it's developers, Troiaresort.

The Peninsula of Tróia's harbour also has several lounge terraces, shops and lot's of entertainment along the water line.

The blue sea and sky merge magnificently in the Peninsula of Tróia. The unmistakable sound of the docked boats and the undulating movement of water create a special marine environment, which encourages relaxation, and contemplation of the horizon...

Always surprising !!!

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