Rio Maior Salt Pans

Rio Maior


The Rio Maior Salt Pans (“Marinhas de Sal“) are a natural phenomenon, far away from the sea, and one of the most important treasures of the region, still working nowadays, and for at least 900 years.
The water from this spring is seven times more salty than sea water, and some say that these salt pans were already explored by Romans and Moors.
The importance of this salt pans is even present in the coat of arms, with the two curious big salt pyramids.

The Salt Pans of Rio Maior are situated by the Candeeiros Mountain Range, , right in the Serra de Aires e Candeeiros Natural Park, at about 30km from the ocean. They are surrounded by trees and all the complex looks like a tiny small village made with stone streets and wooden houses, with handicraft shops and regional products, an information centre and toilets.
By contacting the “Cooperativa dos Produtores de Sal de Rio Maior”, it is possible to schedule an interesting guided tour in advance.

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