Marmoiral de Sobrado

Castelo de Paiva, Sobrado - Castelo de Paiva


Memorial of Sobrado

The Memorial of Sobrado, usually known as the Memorial of Boavista, is different from other funerary monuments in that it does not present an arch. It is formed by two vertical edges with carved crosses supported by two horizontal slabs, the lower corresponding to a sepulchral tomb stone. A long sword and a Greek cross inscribed within a circle are carved in the lower slab. Swords are also carved on the sides of both slabs. Though it is not easy to date this monument, the Memorial of Sobrado has been dated from the mid-13th century. The Memorials of Sobrado [Castelo de Paiva], Ermida [Penafiel], Santo António [Arouca], Alpendorada [Marco de Canaveses] and Lordelo [Baião, no longer in existence] are, according to legend, connected to the funeral procession carrying Princess Mafalda to the Monastery of Arouca and the perpetuation of her remembrance.

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