Mem Martins



Located on the Sintra’s large borough, Mem Martins is one of the most populated small cities in the country, with over 100.000 inhabitants.
Mem Martins history dates back to remote periods, with archaeological vestiges since pre-historical times, as in Casal do Choupo and Casal da Cavaleira, and also some Roman vestiges. Some historical researches also connote the name “Mem Martins” to the Moorish toponym “Al-Geirân”.

On the 18th century the landscape of Mem Martins is permanently changed with the introduction of new production methods, with windmills and cereal fields.
With the industrial revolution, part of this region close to Sintra gets a huge population fixation coming from all over the country, and Mem Martins starts its urban and suburban phase, as it is nowadays: a residential town with small rural details.

Located in the urban centre is the Nossa Senhora da Natividade Chapel built in the beginning of the 20th century, and also the Pillory from 1951.

Situated in an area with several underground water courses, there are throughout the locality and surroundings, several picturesque fountains that served populations throughout the centuries.

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