Ribeira Market


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Ribeira Market

Avenida 24 de Julho, 50(Lisboa - Santos)


Symbol of the commercial development of other times, the Ribeira Market is situated in the riverside area of Lisboa, close to the mythical Cais do Sodré, in the historical centre of Lisboa.

The present building dates back from 1882, yet it has suffered many alterations and restoration works until our days. The market used to work as wholesale, namely of fish, fruits, vegetables and flowers, which made it famous for.
In 2000 a wider market with better conditions and accesses, further from the city centre (MARL), opens to the public, transforming the Ribeira Market in a retail market and a year after the first floor is transformed in a place of culture, tradition and socialization.

The Ribeira Market now presents a new ground floor selling flowers, vegetables and traditional products, and a first floor with a restaurant, an handicraft shop with wines and promotion books and a bar/musical space with a diversified range of activities.

The Ribeira Market now features a set of several activities, such as dance classes, shows, ball and collection fairs of great interest.

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