Lavradores Market

9060 - 158 Funchal - Funchal


Located in the historical centre of the amazing Funchal town, in the historical nucleus of Santa Maria, the Lavradores Market is one of the highlights that Madeira has to offer, where all the scents, the colours, the flavours and tradition join together to delight those who visit it.

Built in the 1930’s, in a gracious combination of art deco and modernism, the Lavradores Market has to offer the very best of the Island: the freshest and exotic fruits, vegetables and luxurious flowers and plants of this “Atlantic Garden”, as the Madeira Island is often named as.

The market has a covered area of 9.600 m2, created at that time to supply a population of about 25.000 inhabitants. On the lower ground are sold the fish and meat, and on the first ground are sold the tropical fruits, the vegetables and the many spices, that endow the space with different and pleasant aromas.

Decorating the main entrance and some areas in the interior are several glazed tiles panels made in the Fábrica da Loiça de Sacavém (the Ceramics Factory in Sacavém, near Lisboa), an amazing heritage.

Other of the gracious features of this Market is the living tradition and folklore, where one can still find the sellers wearing the traditional Madeira costumes, filled with vivid colours, fun and tradition.

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