The town of Messejana has ancient origins and it is still ignored who founded it. Its name comes from the Arabic word that means "masjana", prison or jail. It derives from the verb sajana (incarcerate, to put in prison).

It was conquered in 1235, by the Knights of the Order of Santiago de Espada, and was attached to Aljustrel. It received from D. Dinis the category of municipality, which was confirmed by the new Act, given by D. Manuel I, on 1 July 1512.

One of the oldest and most entrenched traditions of Messejana is the bullfight. Already in 1573 - when D. Sebastião was in the south and spent 4 days in Messejana - there are records of three bullfights that took place.

At the Museum of Messejana there are some little treasures: a room reconstituting the office of Victor Soares, an illustrious son of Messejana, the jugs used by Francisco Manuel Bartolomeu - the last water bearer of Messejana, and reconstitutions of several rooms of the typical Alentejo house, including kitchens, the pantry, the bedroom etc...

Messejana still retains some of its heritage and it's people are very rooted in their traditions.

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