Minas do Lousal - Museu Mineiro



This region was once the considered the "Barn of Portugal," because it was very fertile in cereals...

One of Grândola's greatest atractions, are the Mines of Lousal. In Lousal - situated between Canal Caveira and Ermidas do Sado, copper pyrites were extracted between 1900 and 1988. In this very place is the Mining Museum, which aims to preserve the memory and knowledge of generations of workers that worked the mines, now transformed into a kind of archaeological site, where you can observe and learn the operation of the mines over the decades.

This Museum is the first of its kind in Portugal, was inaugurated on May 20, 2001. The Mining Museum of Lousal has an auditorium with a capacity for 60 people.

Here you can find the old machines that worked the mines, and the work buildings and structures, recovered specially to be visited by the public - installations, excavations and mine galleries, and even the engines that supplied the power, not only to the mine, but also the local population.

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