Miradouro da Ermida de Santa Maria do Castelo



Built on the site where formerly stood the old castle of Aljustrel, and considered the ex-libris of the town, the Chapel of Santa Maria do Castelo is mencioned in the visitation of the Order of Santiago in 1482. Its name changed in 1510 to Our Lady of the Castle.

It is known that the castle was built during the Arabic occupation. Inside the Chapel, it still exists a stone from its original construction. Local people say that if one puts the stone next to one's ear, you can hear the sound of the sea, and if it's ever removed from the church, the ocean will enter and flood the entire village.

Historically, this Chapel was always linked to the faith of people in the county, who gave it credit for many miracles and legends.

The Chapel and the surrounding area - which includes the ruins of the Islamic Castle - was classified as Property of Public Interest in 1992.

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