Torre de Aspa Viewpoint

Vila do Bispo


Situated on the western side of Vila do Bispo, Torre de Aspa was part of an ancient defensive and watch net that aimed to control navigation and attacks from embarkations on the coast.
This ancient sentinel, which no vestiges are left nowadays, was situated in the highest cliff in the Algarve coastline, at about 157 meters high, and was probably built in the 16th century.
From this Viewpoint one has an astonishing panorama, covering all the cost up until the São Vicente Cape and Sagres, with all the Vicentina Coast charm.
It was from the Aspa Tower that, as there was any danger in the coast, the alarm sign to warn the populations would be given, sometimes using big watch fire, of which there are still some vestiges.
Nowadays there is a geodesic mark that marks the highest point in the Algarve coastline.

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