São Leonardo Viewpoint ( Galafura )

Peso da Régua


The lovely São Leonardo da Galafura Viewpoint is located in between Vila Real and Peso da Régua, on a place of Great natural beauty over the amazing Douro River, confirming the excellence of the ancient and historical Trás-os-Montes region.
Here, the sights are breathtaking, with the Douro River leading the attentions, trimmed by the steep soils where the famous Douro wine is planted, providing wonderful landscapes.

Located at about 640 meters high, it is worth observing this region’s beauty from this point. From here one can observe the Armamar, Sabrosa, Tabuaço, Fontelo or Valença do Douro regions, among many other places that embellish the landscape.

The site also provides a chapel where every year in August takes place the local festivities, assembling a large amount of visitors, and also a pleasant snack park, perfect for leisure moments and communion with nature.

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