Cais das Colunas Viewpoint



The Cais das Colunas (“Columns Wharf”) Viewpoint was for many years far away from the sight of the many passers-by due to the Terreiro do Paço’s subway enlargement works.

This is one of the most emblematic highlights in the Portuguese capital, working for many years as the main connection between the town and its important Tejo river, known as the “town’s door”, offering at the same time a trading point, a place for the landscape contemplation and a privileged leisure area.

The Wharf was dismantled since 1997 and was put back again in 2008, giving back to the town an overwhelming sight over the amazing Tejo river, the typical “cacilheiros” boats and all the south river bank.

The Wharf was since the very beginning part of the Praça do Comércio’s project, when it was reconstructed after the big earthquake and tsunami of 1755, that destroyed great part of this Portuguese capital. Signed by the renowned Architect Eugénio dos Santos, it was concluded in the end of the 18th century. Its two columns, that give the name to the Wharf, embrace the stone stairway that meets the river.

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