Cruzinhas Peak Viewpoint

Angra do Heroísmo


Towering above the amazing Angra do Heroismo town, from the Pico das Cruzinhas Viewpoint one has a privileged panorama over this astonishing town, classified by UNESCO as World Heritage.

This Viewpoint is located in one of the Peaks of the lovely Brasil Mount, as well as the Peaks of Facho, Vigia and Zimbreiro, all integrant part of this Mount that is nowadays an extinct volcano, that forms a Peninsula situated on the southern coast of the Angra do Heroismo town, allowing wonderful sights through the surrounding area.

In Brasil Mount is situated the Monte Brasil Forest and Leisure Reserve, of great historic and natural importance, habitat for several species, and from this Viewpoint one has a privileged panorama over it.
In the Viewpoint stands an evocative monument of the Portuguese Discoveries Era, composed of a large cross crowned by the mythic Order of Christ Cross.

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