Miranda do Douro

Miranda do Douro


Miranda do Douro is situated in the Trás-os-Montes (literally meaning Behind the Hills) region, on the right Douro river bank, next to the border with Spain, in an arid-mountain range environment, surrounded by the wonderful Douro International Natural Park.
With human occupation archaeological vestiges since immemorial times, Miranda has strong Celts roots and was also occupied by the Romans.
With a strategic position, in the border with Spain, Miranda do Douro was once an important place during the Middle Age.
Situated in an arid region with difficult accesses (Behind the Hills), and geographically far from the rest of the country, for many years, this region was able to preserve its own traditions and ways of living. Nowadays Miranda do Douro is provided with good transportation and communication structures, however tradition is still well preserved and esteemed. The best example is its own language: the Mirandês, that is spoken in this region.
Miranda do Douro is famous for its traditional Folklore with the interesting Pauliteiros de Miranda, dressed in their traditional white flannel kilts, perform their famous stick dance (dança do pau) to the sound of bagpipes, a Celtic influence since the Iron Age.
Miranda do Douro has a rich heritage: natural, social and architectural, with beautiful ancient houses and its most important monument: the Cathedral (also known as Santa Maria Maior Church) from the 16th century.
The Gastronomy from Tras-os-Montes is an important presence in Miranda do Douro, with the famous “Posta Mirandesa”, prepared with the excellent beef from the local cattle, Bread-based dishes, pork sausages like “Alheira” or the famous Pão-de-Ló, a light egg-based cake.

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