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Montalvão is a picturesque small village situated in a privileged place of great natural beauty, where time seems to have stopped, in the typical quietness of the vast Alentejo region, nearby the border with Spain.

The origins of montalvão are ancient, with several pre-historical vestiges throughout the region, that would have been an important settlement of the Alentejo region at the time of the first Portuguese Monarchy (around the 12th and 13th century).

Montalvão maintains nowadays its rural feature, situated in a mountain over the rivers Tagus and Sever, with harsh accesses, surrounded by olive trees fields and a forest vegetation, in a mainly granite landscape.

The proximity with the pond of the Sever River Dam allows wonderful landscapes and perfect conditions for the practice of varied leisure, sport and nautical activities.

The Montalvão’s cultural, architectural and social heritage counts with interesting features like the Ruins of the 13th century Castle, from where one has a wonderful panorama, nearby the Mother Church, the Manueline Pillory, and the Santa Casa da Misericórdia Building.
Montalvão also presents other monuments like the Espírito Santo Chapel dated from the 16th century and, already far from the centre, the lovely Nossa Senhora dos Remédios Sanctuary, stage of important popular fairs and processions for the village.

The people from Montalvão are passionate about Bull fight, as one can attest through its Bullring, built by a common effort of everyone in Montalvão.
Also quite cherished are the popular parties, like the Nossa Senhora dos Remédios Fair that takes place in the firsts weeks of every September.

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