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Situated in the lovely small village of Flor da Rosa, nearby Crato village, the Monastery of the Sovereign Military Hospitaller Order of Flor da Rosa, founded in 1356, is the most emblematic example of fortified monasteries in Portugal and the most important monument of the region, housing nowadays one of the most prestige luxury hotel (“Pousada”) of the country.

In 1232 this territory is donated to the Sovereign Military Hospitaller Order, and in 1340 the headquarters of the order is changed to Crato. With the growth and increased importance of this Order, the Prior of Crato decides to found a Monastery (1356).

This Monastery is composed by three different parts: the fortified Church in Gothic style, a fortified small Palace also in Gothic style (quite altered in the 16th century) and the other conventual dependences in Renaissance and Mudéjar style.

All the set has suffered alterations through the centuries (mainly in the 16th and 17th centuries and later on the 20th century, with a higher concern for the preservation of the original plan).
In the 16th century the Monastery was quite altered to serve as a Royal Palace, later with the big earthquake of 1755 and a big storm in 1897 it gets fairly ruined.

The Monastery of the Sovereign Military Hospitaller Order of Flor da Rosa was classified in 1910 a National Monument and during the 1940’s the restoration works start, in order to preserve this fantastic monument.
Later, in 1991 the adaptation into a luxury hotel starts taking place, opening to the public in 1995, transforming this important monument into one of the most renowned hotel units in the country.

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