Bustelo Monastery



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Located in Bustelo small village, in the lovely Penafiel department, the Bustelo Monastery has origins in the 10th century, yet has been quite altered throughout the centuries.

The Monastery was probably rebuilt in 1633, over a previous Romanesque monument, built in the end of the 10th century, nevertheless it were the alterations in the 18th century that determined the monument style that is still maintained nowadays.

The Monastery is nowadays in ruins, ever since the extinction of the religious orders in 1834. Yet, a cloister and four dorms, equivalent to the four cardinal points, can still be seen.

The Church started to be built in 1695, under the Benedictine classical model, with a cruciform plan with one only nave, and a main chapel.

The main highlights in the Church’s interior are the lateral altars on a Rococo style, the high choir, the altarpiece, the bergère in Rocaille style and also the profusion of golden carved wood that can be seen throughout the Church.

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