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Situated in Lorvão, nearby Penacova, in the Central region of the Country, this is one of the most ancient Monasteries in Europe, as according to many theories, its foundation dates back to the 6th century. Others say that its foundation was probably after the Christian conquest in 878.
In fact, the first official documents known relating to Lorvão’s Monastery date from 878 and are testimony of an important community that has performed an essential role in the repopulation of the region.

Around 1200, the monastery passed to the Cistercian order by the daughter of the Portuguese king D. Sancho the 1st, D. Teresa, and passed to a Feminine Congregation. The tomb of D. Teresa is still present in the Main Chapel of the Church.

With the liberal crises of 1820 the community decays, and several thefts take place, which led to the expropriation of all the wealth accumulated for centuries. The last Lorvão nuns were left in the most degrading misery.

The Monastery is located in a beautiful deep valley, surrounded by fertile vegetation, in a place of great natral beauty. The work campaigns gave the Monastery its today's look that dates back to the 17th and 18th centuries, like the Church, built between 1748 and 1761.

This Monastery houses an interesting Museum with an important painting, ceramics, furniture and tapestry collection, from the 17th and 18th centuries,

The renaissance Clauster is surrounded by 13 chapels, nowadays empty, built during all the 17th century.

In the former Convent structures functions nowadays a Psychiatric Hospital.

Lorvão is also quite famous for its delicious conventual Sweets, original from this Monastery, with some Pastry shops nearby the monument. Also typical from Lorvão are the picturesque ornamental toothpicks with carved designs, initially created by the nuns to decorate cakes and sweets.

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