Mosteiro do Salvador de Freixo de Baixo

Amarante, Freixo de Baixo - Amarante


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Monastery of the Saviour of Freixo de Baixo

Freixo de Baixo still stands today as a leading symbol of the monastic complex established by the manorial power and taken over by the Canons Regular of Saint Augustine. Deployed along a watercourse, in a fertile valley, the Monastery still impresses the visitor today. The persistence of the foundations of the original galilee and traces of the original cloister [inner courtyard of a monastery], along with a stout bell tower, gives this set an unusual monumentality in the panorama of Romanesque architecture in Portugal. The façade is the best preserved element of the primitive Church. Reinforced by two corners, it features a sturdy portal whose archivolts are decorated with dihedral logs. The capitals feature animals facing each other, phytomorphic and botanic motifs, and braidings similar to Saint Peter of Ferreira (Paços de Ferreira) and Saviour of Paço de Sousa (Penafiel). Inside the Church, the prominently frescoes stands out, visible on the south wall of the nave, beside the pulpit. It is a scene of the Epiphany of the Lord, attributed to the Master of 1510 who took part in making the paintings of Vila Verde and Pombeiro (Felgueiras) and the ones of Saint Nicholas (Marco de Canaveses).

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