Whaling Industry Museum

9940-361 São Roque do Pico - São Roque do Pico


Located in the ancient Whaling Industry Factory, built in 1942, where by-products were manufactured from Whales, showing off the importance that the Whale Hunting had in the Pico Island.

This strong ancient Whale tradition, still visible in the localities ambiance, has origins in the 18th century when the Americans arrived and introduced the Cachalot Hunting, activity that grew up to be the main one in São Roque do Pico, and in the Pico Island, along with the industry of all the products derived from it, such as whale powders and oils.

This Whaling Industry Factory was in operation from 1946 to 1984, and since 2007 holds this interesting Museum with a rich asset, exhibiting boilers, furnaces, machinery and other equipment used in the processing of whales into oil and flour.

A very important Heritage for the Island and for the Archipelago, which moulded the populations life during centuries, as is now told and shown for the future generations!

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