Douro Museum

Régua - Peso da Régua


Located in the lovely Peso da Régua village, famous for being the capital of the demarcated region that produces the much appreciated Port wine, the Douro Museum is an integrant part and exhibition centre of the Douro Foundation. This Museum aims for the preservation, research and exhibition of important objects and facts of the history and development of the entire Douro region that, for some many centuries, delights with its natural beauty and the wine-producing influence.

In this Museum is shown the Douro region in its essence, preserving its rich heritage, now available to the forthcoming generations.

The Douro Museum is installed in the Casa da Companhia, a 18th century building that was once the winemaking and storage centre, and also worked as a court of law in what concerned to the wine industry issues.

The Douro Museum presents several temporary exhibitions and a permanent exhibition installed in the Armazém 43 of the Port Wine Solar building named as “Memória da Terra e do Vinho” (“Hearth and Wine Memory”), presenting as well educational and museum related services, an information centre, technical support to other museum institutions, and also a thematic Library, archive, a shop with exclusive items, a restaurant and a wine bar with an amazing view over the overwhelming Douro river.

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