Oriente Museum

Lisboa, Alcântara - Lisboa


The ‘Fundação Oriente’, created in 1988, is one of the twenty largest European foundations, with delegations in Macau, India and East Timor, aiming for the relationships and cultural importance between the East and Portugal throughout the centuries.

The Museum, recently inaugurated in the Armazéns Frigoríficos of the Alcântara Dock, in Lisboa, in the year that celebrates the 20th anniversary of the foundation, aims for the promotion of evidence whether of the Portuguese presence in Asia or the respective and distinct Asian cultures.
The Museum is territorially international in scope and trans-disciplinary in approach seeking to, through the interchange of points of view deriving from the fields of History, Art and Anthropology, provide Portuguese and international visitors with a living and insightful memory of Asian cultures and the centuries old relationships established between the East and the West, particularly as regards Portugal.

The Oriente Museum presents 7 floors and an area of about 15.500 square meters, where are located three distinct exhibition areas and a very diversified program.
The area comprises an Auditorium with capacity for 360 seats, a Meetings Centre, a rich Documentation Centre, Educational and Activities Services and a pleasant Restaurant with a wide window facing the astonishing Tagus river.

The entertainment activities are diversified and will count with concerts, theatre, dance, cinema, workshops, puppets, debates and conferences, organized in thematic cycles.

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