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The Museu Nacional dos Coches is located in one of the noble areas of the cosmopolitan Lisboa, the quarter of Belém. This is one of the most visited museums in Portugal, presenting an exceptional collection of ceremonial vehicles from the Royal family, dating from 17th to late 19th century, considered to be the most remarkable collection in the world of this kind.  The recently inaugurated building creates new history for the Museum, including all of the necessary elements to accomplish his mission of keeping, caring and showing this relevant collection.
On May 1905, the Museum was inaugurated due to the efforts of Queen Amélia of Orleans and Bragança, a lady of great sophistication, who was quite aware of the cultural value of the Royal House’s ceremonial vehicles. 
Exhibiting Coaches, Berlins, Carriages, Chaises, Cabriolets, Litters, Sedan Chairs and Children’s Carts, the Museum allows the visitor to understand the technical and artistic evolution of the means of transport used by the European courts until the appearance of the automobile. 

On May 2015 the Museum expanded to a new building emerging, not only, as a cultural site but also as a public utility space.  In the words of the architect Paulo Mendes da Rocha “the Museum has no doors and relates to all of its surroundings”. The project is more than a museum; in the end it functions as an urban infrastructure providing a new public space for the city. The new Coach Museum building comprises a suspended nave with the exhibition galleries and an annex with the working areas, connected by an overpass, enabling circulation from one building to the other. The new Museum encompasses premises for the permanent and temporary exhibitions, reception halls for rental, and a workshop for conservation and restoration, a contribution towards the development of conservation and restoration activities of this unique legacy. New spaces have been provided for the Library and the Archive, as well as an Auditorium, which will allow for the organization of a number of cultural activities that will greatly improve the scope of the program provided by the museum to the public. To accommodate visitors, restaurant services, a Museum Shop and a Tourist Information centre have been projected.

The world’s first coach museum occupied the antique Royal Riding School, specifically adapted to receive a unique collection of coaches, berlins, carriages, calashes, phaetons, litters and sedan chairs, splendidly decorated, from the 17, 18 and 19th century.

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