Rafael Bordalo Pinheiro Museum

Lisboa, Campo Grande - Lisboa


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Situated on the northern area of Lisboa, in Campo Grande, the Bordalo Pinheiro Museum approaches the life and work of the Portuguese artist Rafael Bordalo Pinheiro, one of the most prominent character in the cultural, political and artistic Lisboa scene in the 20th century.

The house was ordered by Cruz Magalhães, a great admirer of Bordalo Pinheiro’s work. Cruz Magalhães wanted to create a dignifying space for his big collection of Bordalo Pinheiro works of art, founded it in 1916.

Nowadays the Bordalo Pinheiro Museum gathers the most complete Bordalo Pinheiro’s collection: 1200 ceramics; 3500 designs; 3000 original paintings and drawings; 900 photographs; more than 3000 publication, among other preciousness.

The museum also houses a specialized Library, Pedagogic Services, Activities and Workshops and also a shop.

Rafael Bordalo Pinheiro (1846 - 1905) was an artist known for his illustration, caricatures, sculpture and ceramics designs, considered to be the first Portuguese comics creator. The artist blood already ran in the family, with his father, the painter Manuel Maria Bordalo Pinheiro and his brother, the painter Columbano.
Rafael Bordalo Pinehiro started publishing illustrations and caricatures in humoristic magazines, achieving special recognition and fame with the character Zé Povinho, a Portuguse everyman, portrayed as a poor peasant. Zé Povinho became, and still is, the most popular character in Portugal.



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