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Inaugurated in 1986, the interesting Scrimshaw Museum is part of one of the main highlights in the Faial Island and of the very own Azores Archipelago: the Peter Sport Café.

The Peter Sport Café was founded in 1908, on the continuation of the “Bazar do Fayal”, a store that commercialized local handicraft, and was followed by the Azorean House, on a new place, that also offered bar service, that launched the successful bases of Peter’s.
José Azevedo, the Peter, consolidated the Fame of the Café, offering a better and more dedicated service, complemented by its English language fluency, attracting every time more foreigners, in this passing by maritime Port. The Café got famous among the yachtsmen, that made of Peter a mandatory stop, promoting its name in faraway destinations.

The Scrimshaw Museum is one of the projects linked to Peter Sport Café, presenting an interesting collection of Whale and Cachalot teeth and bones carving and engraving: the Scrimshaw Art.
The Museum therefore demonstrates the importance of the Whale activity in the Island and as well in the Archipelago, presenting here the most diversified handmade pieces made by Fishermen, that since the beginning were commercialized here, in the Azorean House.
The Museum also houses books, notebooks, extracts and memories of the many travellers that here passed and left their mark, on a wonderful heritage, surely not to be missed.

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