Nazaré is a typical fishing town, with white houses coming down the hill into the beach, surrounded by high cliffs with beautiful sights, and it is one of the main Tourist destinations in Portugal, specially during summer time.
Nowadays it is still possible to find locals dressing the traditional fishing costumes, the men wearing flannel shirts with square motifs and black trousers, and women wearing typical colourful costumes of seven skirts, and usually performing traditional fishing tasks.
On the top of the town is situated the Sítio, with the best viewpoint (Sunerco) over nazaré that can be either accessed through a road or through the lovely Elevator with a ascending journey of about 110 meters, from the city centre into the top of the hill. In this locality it is possible to visit the Nossa Senhora da Nazaré Church, the Pilgrim Hospital, the Terreiro da Romaria and the São Miguel Arcanjo Fortress, from the 17th century, where the lighthouse is situated. Here, is located the Memória Chapel which construction was ordered by D. Fuas Roupinho in 1182, who, while stalking a deer, was about to fall down into an abyss with no possible salvation, and, scared, invoked Our Lady of Nazaré to save him. As Our Lady answered his request, he ordered the construction of this Chapel as a sign of gratitude.
An amazing beach, right in the city centre, the lovely and typical architecture all along with the handicraft products and the famous cuisine served in a great number of restaurants, mainly based in fresh sea products, quality seafood and shellfish, make of Nazaré one of the most appreciated and traditional Tourist destinations in the country.

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