Nisa is a lovely village situated in the vast Alentejo’s region, characterized by its typical set of white houses with a coloured band around windows and doors, famous for its tasty sheep Cheeses.

Nisa has quite ancient origins, inhabited by man since the Neolithic period, as one can observe by the many archaeological vestiges from this epoch. The settlement would have developed from a Hill Fort in the top of Nossa Senhora da Graça Mount, and later was inhabited and quite influenced by Romans.

With such an ancient history, in this nice and quiet village an interesting heritage is present, like what is left of the 13th century Castle, the Village’s Doors that still are left from the six originals (named “Vila” and “Montalvão”), the Mother Church (15th century), the Misericórdia Church from the 16th century and presenting an interesting Religious Art Museum, the Calvário (17th century) and Nossa Senhora dos Prazeres (16th century) Chapels, or even the S. Gens Anta, integrated in a set of four megalithic monuments.

Situated at the top of the village, at about 3km distance, is the lovely Nossa Senhora da Graça Sanctuary, from the 16th century, with several alterations, famous for its Procession that takes place every Easter’s Monday.
Situated at about 300 meters high, from the adjacent Viewpoint one has an astonishing view, as well as from the nearby São Miguel Mountain Viewpoint, situated at about 460 meters high.

Nisa is quite frequented for the Mineral Waters of Fadagosa, at about 10km distance from the village, visited by people from all over the Country, mainly during the thermal period, from April to November.

Beyond its famous Cheeses, Nisa is also very famous for its handicraft, in red clay with the typical “Cantarinha” (a type of pitcher) decorated with tiny white stones with floral motives, and also famous for its Bobbin Lacework.

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