Nossa Senhora da Paz Sanctuary

Vila Franca do Campo - Vila Franca do Campo


The Nossa Senhora da Paz Sanctuary, towering above the beautiful Vila Franca do Campo village, once the capital of the wonderful São Miguel Island, is a lovely temple of the Azores Archipelago.
The present temple dates from the 18th century and would have been built over a previous one, probably dated from the 16th century, built with an effort of the population that wanted to honour the Virgin, as in this place a shepherd once found an image of her.
During the disturbed times of the pirate attacks of the coast, the populations had a great faith in the power of this sacred temple, as it was said that it provided protection to all the believers.

Temple of great beauty, this is one of the most famous of the region, even because of the wonderful landscape that can be seen from here, constituting this Nossa Senhora da Paz Mount one of the most privileged viewpoints of the village and its surroundings.

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