Nossa Senhora do Castelo



Towering above the beautiful Vouzela village, the Nossa Senhora do Castelo Viewpoint is one of the main highlights of this gorgeous greenish Lafões region, also known as the “Vouzela’s Lung”.

From here, the panorama offers a great natural beauty, as well as a wonderful peace of mind.

In the Nossa Senhora do Castelo mount is located the Chapel dedicated to Our Lady of the Castle, and also a Campsite, quite looked for during warmer months by nature lovers.
This is a place with great conditions for the practice of the most diversified leisure and sport activities.

Next to the Chapel there are two medieval graves carved in the rock, over a granite basset, on the place where before was a Hill Fort (“Castro”) probably dated from the Bronze Age, which defensive walls and ceramics fragments are still visible nowadays, showing off the very ancient human occupancy and archaeological importance of this territory.

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