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The Lisboa Oceanarium, a big aquarium and biology museum that aims to alert for the protection need of the wonderful and important natural heritage that are the ocean, is situated on the northern side of Lisboa, on the modern area of the Parque das Nações. In fact, this big pavilion was built at the time of the great world exhibition Expo 98, dedicated to the central theme of the exhibition itself: the oceans.

The project was signed by the renowned North American Peter Chermaveff, constituting the second largest oceanarium in the world, composed by several aquarium that intent to transmit the message that at the end there is only one global ocean in need of protection and cherish, here represented in more than 7.000m3 of salty water.
The Oceanarium presents four distinct habitats (Antarctic Ocean, Indic Ocean with a wonderful coral reef, Pacific and Atlantic Ocean) that converge into the centre of the building, into the big central tank.

The Lisboa Oceanarium presents a large collection with several species among birds, mammals, fich and other maritime beings, presenting as well scientific illustrations and multimedia that enlighten visitors.
Apart from the many activities that are put together frequently, as well as the private visits outside the regular timetable, the Oceanarium also presents meeting rooms and other activities, perfect for corporations, as well as restaurant, cafeteria and a shop with exclusive items, as well as the pedagogic services and the nautical centre, situated in the Olivais Dock in Parque das Nações, promoting several nautical, sport and touristic activities.

Special conditions for guided visits: +351 21 891 70 02 / 06

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